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The Rise of the Aga Khan Dynasty – Part 1

Aga Khan I – Syed Ḥasan-ʿAlī Shah Aga Khan Maḥallātī (1219-1300/1804-81) was the last imam of the Nizārī Ismaʿilis to reside in Iran and the first to bear the title of Aga Khan. He was born in the vilage of Kahak near Maḥallāt in central Iran, where his father, Shah Khalīlallāh, had transferred the seat … Continue reading

The Haji Bibi Case of 1908: When the Noorani Family fought in court over Dasond

The Haji Bibi Case of 1908 was contested between Aga Khan III and his aunt Haji Bibi in Bombay High Court in 1908 over the entitlement of dasond, mehmani and other collections in Jamatkhana, to the family of Aga Khan. The case was fought between several members of what Ismailis call “The Noorani Family”. The … Continue reading

The Goddess and the Playboy

Aly Khan, legendary playboy son of the Aga Khan, prowled the Riviera in relentless pursuit of speed, sport, and women. In 1948 he set his sights on Hollywood’s “Love Goddess,” Rita Hayworth, who was being pursued by Ari Onassis and the Shah of Iran after her marriage to Orson Welles disintegrated. In an excerpt from Throne … Continue reading

Illegitimate Birth of Prince Karim Aga Khan

Introduction Karim Aga Khan’s mother is popularly known within Ismaili circles as Princess Tajuddawlah and in the Western media as Joan Aly Khan. At age 19, Princess Tajuddawalah married Group. Captain Thomas L.E.B. Guinness. Prince Tajuddawlah was then known as Joan Barbara Yarde-Buller. After obtaining a divorce from Thomas Guinness, she married Prince Aly S. … Continue reading

Who Were the Fatimids?

The Fatimid Empire of North Africa is one of the most controversial empires in Islamic history. They are misrepresented by Ismailis and some orientalists as enlightened leaders that brought a new golden age to the Muslim world. However, scholars and historians from the Muslim world have shown a different side to this 10th century dynasty. The story … Continue reading

History of Ismailis: From Assassins to Aga Khan [Video]

A brief overview of the history of modern-day Ismailis, from their beginnings as the feared Assassins to the modern-day Aga Khan with evidence from various independent sources, including the History Channel.

Institute of Ismaili Studies shames their own Imam in “Advent of the Fatimids”

Every Ismāʿīlī child is made to believe that Fatimid period was a glorious one when sciences, arts, social justice and tolerance reached their peak and after the decline in Fatimid rule, ʾIslām has been on the decline and never recovered its glorious past. In this article, we discuss publication by the Institute of Ismāʿīlī Studies … Continue reading

A Brief History of Khoja Community

A history of when Aga Khan I came to India and ordered the Khoja community to either pay up his version of charity called “Dasond” directly to him or leave the community. This is when Habib Ibrahim and eleven of his brothers (collectively known as “Barbhai” or “Bara Bhai” or “Twelve Brothers”) stood up against Aga … Continue reading

Who was Imam Ala Dhikrihi’s Salam?

Foundation of the Ismāʿīlī faith is based upon the myth that Karim Aga Khan has an unbroken hereditary link with ʿAlī bin abi Ṭālib who was “appointed as the successor” by the Prophet ﷺ.  Ismāʿīlīs recite the names of all their 49 imams in their Holy Du’ā (daily prayers which they pray instead of the … Continue reading

Aga Khan 3.5: How Aly S. Khan Became The Spiritual Child of His Own Son

For many years, Ismailis have devised and followed a certain criteria for designating the living Imam (or Hazar Imam). These criteria have not only been followed throughout their history, but are also taught to all Ismailis. In this article we will look at the principles of Nizari Ismaili Imamate over the centuries, birth and background … Continue reading

Interview: Ismailism to Islam

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