The Aga Khans – A Picture Gallery

Since insideismailism.net together with it’s sister sites rethinkingIsmailism.com and mostmerciful.com intends to be a central repository of all things which bring out the not-so-well-kept secrets of Ismailism out to general public, it has been decided that a picture gallery be added to the website. The gallery will feature those pictures of Aga Khan and the so-called “Noorani Family” which are not usually seen framed inside Ismaili jamakhanas.

1. Karim Aga Khan – Aga Khan IV – Vacation 2018

These pictures were taken when Aga Khan was on vacation in 2018. The pictures were published on a popular paparazzi website.

2. Kendra Spears – Daughter-in-law of Aga Khan IV

In 2013, this fashion model did what all aging fashion models do – looked out for herself beyond her modeling career and ditched her ‘surfer boyfriend’ for Rahim Aga Khan, adopting the name Salwa Aga Khan.

She is now the mother of two sons from Rahim Aga Khan, but neither her marriage nor motherhood has managed to keep her away from her modeling duties.

Click here to see her pictures.

3. Mata Salamat – Wife of Aga Khan III

She was the last faithful wife of Karim Aga Khan’s grandfather, Sultan Muhammad Shah. Aga Khan 3 used to call her Yaki, but Ismailis know her as ‘Mata Salamat’. She was famous for wearing completely different attires when in the West with her playful husband, and when visiting his brown worshipers in India. Those weren’t really the days of the internet, so she was oblivious to the fact that someday, her pictures might be in the reach of every Ismaili and both versions would be put right next to each other exposing her hypocrisy.

Click here to see her pictures.

4. Inaara “Gabriele” Aga Khan – Ex-Wife of Karim Aga Khan

Ismailis say Karim Aga Khan forgives their sins and solves their problems (mushkil kusha). However, Princess Gabriele of Leiningen, or Gabby was the problem which Karim Aga Khan himself could never solve, and their divorce ended up costing Karim Aga Khan GBP 50 million, but only after Aga Khan’s good friend, French Prime Minister Sarkozy intervened to make the blow a bit lighter for Karim Aga Khan.

Click here to see her pictures.

5. Yasmin Aga Khan – Sister of Karim Aga Khan

This is the sister of Karim Aga Khan. They share the same father -Aly S. Khan, but a different mother. Yasmin’s mother was none other than Rita Hayworth. She married her first husband, Basil Embiricos, in 1985 and divorced in 1987. The couple had a son, Andrew Ali Aga Khan Embiricos who was found dead in his Manhattan apartment on December 4, 2011 at the age of 25 under myterious circumstances. He openly practised a homosexual lifestyle.This is the sister of Karim Aga Khan. They share the same father -Aly S. Khan, but a different mother. Yasmin’s mother was none other than Rita Hayworth.

Click here to see her pictures.

6. Zahra Aga Khan – Daughter of Karim Aga Khan

The eldest child of Karim Aga Khan (Aga Khan IV) and once tipped as “The Next Aga Khan”, Zahra fell out of favor for the coveted position after Aly Muhammad Khan had been groomed for his role as Aga Khan V throughout his teens. Aly Muhammad Khan’s mother Gabrielle (or Inaara) filed for divorce against Karim Aga Khan, and won a multi-million dollar divorce settlement after Karim Aga Khan was found guilty of adultery by a court.

Click here to see her pictures.


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  1. Ismailes are non Muslim


    Posted by shamsuddin | August 8, 2019, 4:50 am

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