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Noor-um-Mobin [Download]

Noorum Mubin (Gujarati)

‘Noorum-Mubin’ is a voluminous book of the history of 50 Ismaili Pirs and 49 Ismaili Imams. It was written by A. J. Chunara and first published in 1936 by the Press Department of an Aga Khan religious institution called “Recreation Club”, Bombay India (later the Ismailia Association), It has since been revised and reprinted many times. It contains numerous tales of supernatural feats performed by Ismaili Imams and Pirs. This book was recommended as “a must” for his Jamat by Aga Khan III, and the apocryphal Unique Legends it records are accordingly popularly accepted by Ismailis as their official history.


Khoja Vrutttant [Download]


Khoja Vruttant (Gujarati)

Khoja Vruttant (ખોજા વૃતાન્ત ) by Sachedina Nanjiani is the oldest known book of Khoja History in Gujarati written in 1891.

While reading this work with an unbiased mind, an individual would easily conclude that its not a clear history but is written with ill intentions on the instructions of Aga Khan to somehow prove that Khojas were Ismailis. When significant doubts were raised on certain aspects of this book, it was removed from circulation and a new book was introduced by Adelji Dhaji Kaba which will also be made available shortly here on the Inside Ismailism Blog.


Ismaili Shikshanamala [Download]


Ismaili Shikshanamala (Gujarati)

Ismaili Shikshanamaala (ઇસ્માઇલી શિક્ષણમાલા) is a six-book collection of Ismaili beliefs (aqeeda or Ta’alimaat) taught to ismailis from childhood. The book was published in year 1940 on approval of Aga Khan III, and was authored by Master Mohamed Amarsinh and published by Ghulam Hussein Moledina. The book clearly exposes the shirk-infested beliefs of Ismailis and was used as a primary source by Takbeer magazine in their Urdu publication exposing followers of Aga Khan.


Si Harfi [Download]

Hikmat-e-Dua [Download]

Hikmat-e-Dua was published by Ismaili Tariqa and Religious Education Board (ITREB) Pakistan.

Govhare Rehmat – Farmans (Sayings) of Sultan Mohammed Shah – Aga Khan III [Download]

This is a collection of sayings of Aga Khan III, many of which are full of shirk with him comparing himself to God.


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