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7. Aga Khan and Ismailism in the Media, 9. Ismaili History

Illegitimate Birth of Prince Karim Aga Khan


Karim Aga Khan’s mother is popularly known within Ismaili circles as Princess Tajuddawlah and in the Western media as Joan Aly Khan. At age 19, Princess Tajuddawalah married Group. Captain Thomas L.E.B. Guinness. Prince Tajuddawlah was then known as Joan Barbara Yarde-Buller. After obtaining a divorce from Thomas Guinness, she married Prince Aly S. Khan and immediately gave birth to Karim Aga Khan. She was divorced by Aly S. Khan who started having extra-marital affairs with several women including Pamela Churchill and then eventually married Rita Hayworth.

After being divorced by Aly S. Khan in 1935, Princess Tajuddawlah, now again known as Princess Joan, became a longtime mistress of the newspaper magnate (Chairman of the Daily Telegraph) Seymour Berry. She would eventually marry Seymour Berry in 1986 after a 30-year relationship with him and would be come officially known as Joan Viscountess Camrose.

After death of Seymour Berry in 1995, Princess Joan returned by Karim Aga Khan’s side, again as Princess Tajuddawlah, accompanying him in some public events before passing away in 1997.

In this article, we analyze the timeline of divorce between Tajuddawlah and Thomas Guinness and the birth of Karim Aga Khan, citing public documents which are easily obtainable from High Court records here in London.

Princess Tajuddawlah, popularly known in the Western media as Joan Aly Khan and lastly as Countess Camrose before her death in 1997.

Divorce Between Joan Barbara (Princess Tajuddawlah) and Thomas Guinness


At the time of marriage with Thomas Guinness, she was only 19 years.  Thomas Guinness’ work commitments forced him to travel a lot. In the summer of 1934, Joan Barbara spent the entire summer without seeing her husband. She started having extra-marital affairs in absence of her husband in his absence. In January 1935, Thomas Guinness went to Australia making arrangements for his wife, Joan Barbara, to spend time in Switzerland with friends. Upon return from Australia,  Thomas discovered that Joan Barbara had spent time elsewhere.

Thomas  met with his wife Joan Barbara at his mother-in-law’s house in April 1935 where she  confessed having a relationship with Aly S. Khan (also known as Prince Aly Salman Khan, son of Aga Khan III) and was determined to marry him after getting a divorce from Thomas. To obtain a divorce, it was mandatory to prove adultery and Joan Barbara practically gave evidence of her adulterous relationship with Aly Salman Khan, citing that she spent 3 days, from April 17 to April 20, 1935 in a hotel with Aly Salman Khan.  Thomas Guinness then filed a criminal case No. 936 in month of June 1935 in the Divorce Court of Law at London seeking divorce from Joan Barbara.


The allegation on Joan Barbara of having illicit sexual relationships with Aly S. Khan was proved by the Court of Law when Joan Barbara Yarde-Buller did not defend herself in any manner in this behalf and her affidavit sent from Paris by her Attorney, was read over in the Court mentioning clearly that she did have extra-marital relationship with Aly S. Khan.  Joan Barbara therefore did not even contest the case and Aly S. Khan was ordered to pay all costs.

Some snippets from the court judgment dated November 4, 1935 (made public on November 18, 1935) are:

That the Respondent has frequently committed adultery with Prince Aly S. Khan.

That from the 17th day of April 1935 until the 20th day of April 1835 at the Hotel Ritz, Place Vendome, Paris, in the Republic of France the Respondent committed adultery with the said Prince Aly S. Khan.

The complete text of the court ruling can be seen by clicking here (PDF).



At the time of divorce on 18th November 1935, Joan Barbara was already pregnant with Karim Aga Khan and in the last days of very next month of December 1935 after the divorce on 18th November 1935, the birth of Karim Aga Khan took place on 13th December 1935.

This unassailable truth and fact can be verified from the following websites:

http://www.vaxxine.com/mgdsite/year/1935.htm regarding Special Events for the Year 1935 presented by Greg Duncan.

http://www.invercarron.com/today/1213.htm regarding What happened on December 13th.

http://www.vaxxine.com/mgdsite/history/1213.HTM regarding Data for December 13 presented by Greg Duncan.

Birth of Karim Aga Khan was in 1935 and not in 1936

To the general public, there was be an obvious confusion as to whose son really, is Karim Aga Khan?

Aga Khan III leaving Casino Deauville with one of his later wives, Yvonne Blanche Labrousse who was crowned My Lyon and later Miss France in 1930.

At the time of his conception, his mother was married to Thomas Guinness while Thomas Guinness obviously did not impregnate her. According to Joan Barbara’s own confession she spent 3 nights with Aly S. Khan in Paris in April 1935 and it is most likely during that time that Karim Aga Khan was conceived and therefore born on December 13, 1935.  But since Karim Aga Khan was the suspicious child as such Thomas Loel Evelyn Bulkeley Guinness had flatly refused to recognize and accept Karim Aga Khan as his own legitimate child. Thereafter, Aly S. Khan adopted this illegitimately born Karim Aga Khan as his child under cover of intensive love with his lover Joan Barbara, who was now known as Princess Tajuddawlah in the Ismaili circles.

On 21st February 1936 Aly S. Khan and Joan Barbara participated in the ceremony of Silver Jubilee at Nizam Hyderabad in India and thereafter on 18th May 1936 Aly S. Khan the son of Aga Khan III solemnized marriage ceremony in Paris, France after the decree nisi had become absolute in six months from the date of pronouncing decree nisi by the court, with her lover Joan Barbara Yarde-Buller and at that time she had attained the age of 26 years after remaining for 7 years in the wedlock of Thomas Loel Evelyn Bulkeley Guinness.

The mother of Karim Aga Khan Joan Barbara Yarde-Buller had given her five months old child Karim Aga Khan to Aly Solomone Khan as dowry immediately after the marriage ceremony and then instantly went into the wedlock of her lover Aly S.cKhan. The aforementioned facts are absolutely correct and perfectly right because these facts have been derived and retrieved from that book which has duly been published by Aly S. Khan himself with his own signatures due to which there remains no room of even the slightest ambiguity and suspicion about the unassailable authenticity of these very hard facts. Who knew at that time that this suspicious unknown illegitimately born child would become Aga Khan IV in the future?

Sensing the gravity of the situation and in order to cunningly hide this top secret of illegitimate birth of Karim Aga Khan, a history book was published in the year 1960 by the Ismailia Association of India, which recorded Karim, son of Aly S. Khan was born in Paris. Biographer Willi Frischauer records, he was born in Geneva, Switzerland.

Ismailis all over the world celebrate their Imam Karim Aga Khan’s birthday on December 13. As a matter of fact the actual year of birth of Karim Aga Khan is 1935 and not 1936 as has been manipulated fraudulently by Ismailis with the consent of Aga Khan to change the year of birth from 1935 to 1936.

Illegitimate Birth of Aly S. Khan

Another stunning revelation is that not only Karim Aga Khan, but his father Aly  S. Khan was also born outside of a wedlock. In 1908, Aga Khan III carried out “temporary marriage” through Muta’h with Mlle. Teresa Ginetta Magliano – one of the most promising young dancers of the Ballet Opera of Monte Carlo. She was then just nineteen.

In the spring of that year she accompanied him to Egypt where they had performed Muta’h marriage (Temporary marriage). This marriage was not in accordance with the Muslim Law of Marriage. During this marriage for pleasure, within three years two sons were illegitimately born. The first son Giussepe Mahdi Khan who died in February 1911 and the second son was named Aly S. Khan was born on 13th June, 1911 at Turin, Italy.

Therefore, Aly S. Khan the so-called father of Karim Aga Khan was himself also illegitimately born. This fact is further clarified by the own words of Aga Khan III which have appeared in his Memoirs published in 1954 at page No. 104 followed by his will at Page No.4 thereof, wherein Aga Khan III has himself confirmed that he permanently married with Mlle. Teresa Ginetta Magliano through the permanent form of marriage in the year 1923 in Bombay, India whereas prior to 1923 the marriage was running under the guise of Muta’h (i.e. only for pleasure) during which pleasure period Aly S. Khan was born in the year 1911 which is 12 years earlier than the actual marriage in accordance with Muslim Law.

Hence by virtue of this reference it is established that Aly S. Khan was himself too, an illegitimately born person out of the marriage of pleasure and not through permanent form of marriage in accordance with the Muslim Law.

The birth of Aly S. Khan had taken place in Turin on June 13, 1911. On that day in all nineteen infants were born in Turin out of which eight were males and eleven females. There was no notice in the city’s newspapers that one of them was the son of Sir Sultan Mohammad Shah Aga Khan III. Four days later, as required by law, Dr. Pozzi arranged for an officer of the Turin city government to come to the house on Corso Oporto to prepare the birth certificate. Aga Khan III, who had not come to Turin for the birth, had authorized Dr. Pozzi to represent him in the registration process. The unassailable proof of the birth certificate is still available on the record file of Turin town hall, which reads as under:

“In the year 1911, 17th of June, 5 P.M. before me, Piere Carossa, acting vice-secretary of the delegation (Dec. 31 1909), officer of the civil government of the city of Turin, has come Dr. Alfredo Possi, 39 years old, obstetrician, living in Turin, who declared that at 2 p.m. of the 13th of June, same year, in this house, 17 Corso Oporto, from the union of Teresa Magliano, UNMARRIED 22 years old, living on independent means, here in person, as a co-declarant with His Highness The Aga Khan, son of the late Aga Ali Shah (Aga Khan-II), 34 years old, born at Karachi (British India), living at Monte Carlo, was born a male baby who is not present and to whom are given the names of Aly Solomone. To this are present as witness Francesca Crescio, 28, living on independent means, and Rosa Magliano, 39, living on independent means, both residents of Turin. The child has not been shown owing to hygienic reasons.

It is therefore resolved that Aly Solomone Khan being the illegitimately born son of Aga Khan-III is from the womb of Unmarried Teresa Magliano who had illicit relations with Aga Khan III without any marriage and during the rape, this son Aly Solomone Khan has taken birth. The marriage of Aga Khan- III, took place in Bombay with the mother of Aly S. Khan, Teresa Magliano Ginneta when Aly S. Khan was 11 years of age. The effect on him of this belated event can only be surmised. He never spoke of it as an adult. Nor did any other members of the family. For by then, Aga Khan III’s youthful romance had been sanctified by time – and rewritten by biographers.

With prudent hindsight, the date of the wedding had been put back to 1908, three years before Aly S. Khan’s birth, and the Aga Khan III’s “petite amie” as Ginetta is still remembered in Deauville, had been elevated, as of the year of her meeting with the Aga Khan III, to the status of Begum, the title given his wife.

Only in the course of a careful search of documents and ransacking of memories relating to Aly Solomone Khan’s childhood, did it become evident that the official family version of these crucial early years fell somewhere on the far side of candor. There was Aly S. Khan’s birth certificate which proclaimed his mother to be “nubile” – unmarried; the documents in various municipal archives relating to Ginetta’s houses – in Monte Carlo, for instance, the record of the Services Fiscaux on the sale of the Villa Ginetta in 1919, states: “Mademoiselle Magliano had declared: that she was single and of adult age….”, the 1921 census report for Nice which lists the “chef de ménage” – head of household – of the Villa Terpsichore, as “Magliano, Ginetta.” Finally, there as the Aga Khan-III’s will which, of course, came to light only after his death, its contents known to only a limited circle. This testament makes the fascinating assertion that the Aga married Ginetta not once, but twice. The 1908 ceremony, the only one hitherto mentioned by biographers and interviewers, was revealed to be a “muta marriage” – a strange form of temporary marriage (marriage for pleasure), which requires no ceremony, no witnesses and can be contracted for an hour, a night or a hundred years. The requirements are consent of both parties and fair payment – “muta” – means pittance.

Karim Aga Khan should prove his legitimacy through a DNA Test

It is now ripe time during the period of modern genetic science by virtue of which if multiple, powerful, sensitive and effective cross Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid (D.N.A) test of H.H. Prince Karim Aga Khan is carried out meticulously and candidly it would be surely determined in speaking evidence that Karim Aga Khan is not born out of the blood and semen of Aly S. Khan and will reveal upon the whole world about his hidden illegitimacy.

In this regard a detailed genetic technique scanned report needs to be published in the world newspapers so that the world may know the facts in this behalf through the images of the said Report. Even Aly S. Khan did not undergo circumcision, which was revealed after his death on 12th May 1960 in a car accident when a team of persons who were entrusted the job of giving bath to the dead body of Aly S. Khan, had revealed this secret and had spread this news amongst selected persons that strangely the circumcision of Aly S. Khan the so called father of Karim Aga Khan was never performed.


“London Divorce Suit Names Indian Prince”, The New York Times, 20 June 1935, p. 7; “Guinnesses Are Divorced”, The New York Times, 5 November 1935, p. 20; “Guinness Divorce Is Absolute”, 12 May 1936, p. 11; and “Prince Aly Khan Weds Briton”, The New York Times, 19 May 1936, p. 6

Memoirs of Aga Khan


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