7. Aga Khan and Ismailism in the Media

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After openly selling Alcohol in Serena Hotels, AKDN now selling Pork

 It was narrated from Jābir ibn ʿAbdallāh (may Allāh be pleased with him) that he heard the Prophet ﷺ say when he was in Makkah at the time of the Conquest: “Allāh and His Messenger have forbidden the sale of alcohol, dead meat, pork and idols.” It was said: “O Messenger of Allāh, what do … Continue reading

After leaving Ismailism, Jinnah invited Aga Khan III to do the same

Aboul Ḥasan Isphani (ابو الحسن اصفھانی) was one of the closest aides of Muḥammad Ali Jinnah. He was a fellow lawyer and at the 29th session of Muslim League held in Allahabad in 1942, Isphani moved the resolution which was passed, giving full powers to Muhammad Ali Jinnah for leading the Muslim League. After independence, … Continue reading

Zahra Aga Khan was once tipped as the next Ismaili Imam

Before Karim Aga Khan married Gabrielle Renate Homey, and well before Aly Muhammad Khan was born, Karim Aga Khan had little intentions of pushing his son Rahim as his successor. So much was his lack of confidence in Rahim, that he pushed the idea of Zahra Aga Khan as the next Ismaili Imam as she … Continue reading

The United Nations: Aga Khan’s Throne (Part I: Money Laundering)

The Aga Khan Foundation Canada (AKF) was created in 1980 with almost twenty percent of its revenue coming from Canadian taxpayers to benefit countries in Asia and Africa. It is an agency of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN). Over the last nine years, the AKF has received over $472 million from Global Affairs Canada, … Continue reading

How a scammer used a silicone mask to bilk millions from the Aga Khan

Reported by CBC on March 13, 2020 Gilbert Chikli was one of six men sentenced on Wednesday for a scheme in which he used a silicone mask to impersonate a former French defence minister. Chikli was already well-known in France for his previous scams. But this most recent plot involved him stealing a total of … Continue reading

A Modern History of The Aga Khans

If you read the history and lineage of the Aga Khans, it stinks with moral corruption, indecency and degradation of values. It is amazing such morally corrupt scoundrels are supposed to be Imams of the Ismailis and claim to be in the lineage of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Woe to the community that hails him as … Continue reading

HBL privatization to Aga Khan Fund cost Pakistan $9.1 billion

On 29 December 2003 when AKFED (Aga Khan Fund for Economic Developmet) acquired HBL (Habib Bank Limited), AKFED had only PKR 90 billion ($ 1.5 billion) in assets. An organization worth $1.5 billion buying a bank worth $9.5 billion for just $389 million is the largest corruption scandal in Pakistan’s history. The Aga Khan Fund … Continue reading

The Goddess and the Playboy

Aly Khan, legendary playboy son of the Aga Khan, prowled the Riviera in relentless pursuit of speed, sport, and women. In 1948 he set his sights on Hollywood’s “Love Goddess,” Rita Hayworth, who was being pursued by Ari Onassis and the Shah of Iran after her marriage to Orson Welles disintegrated. In an excerpt from Throne … Continue reading

“The Aga Khans” by Mihir Bose now available for download

In 1985 a book of mine on the history of the Aga Khans was banned on the grounds it offended the feelings of the Ismaili community, whose spiritual leader is the Aga Khan. Mihir Bose in “70 years after independence, the India I know is losing its way“, The Telegraph Download Link 1Download Link 2Download … Continue reading

Why did Aga Khan move to Portugal?

When the news of Aga Khan moving his headquarters to Portugal was broken to the Ismaili community, no one exactly knew why the move was made. However, the only thing which each and every Ismaili was taught to say was how ‘great’ Portugal was, and that it was now the new ‘home’ to Aga Khan’s … Continue reading

Interview: Ismailism to Islam

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