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7. Aga Khan and Ismailism in the Media

Ismaili Imamat’s Guidance on Consuming “Oceans of Alcohol”

While only one aspect of Ismāʿīlī Imamat’s Guidance Against Drinking Alcohol is played repeatedly in front of the Ismāʿīlī community when Hazar Imām’s and his family’s pictures surface where they are consuming alcohol. In the age of internet, it is no secret that not only does Hazar Imām run a chain of Serena Hotels where alcohol is sold and consumed publicly, Aga Khan III himself has proudly told a number of his non-Muslim interviewers that when he consumes alcohol, he only consumes champagne.

Life – May 16, 1949, The Aga, The Aly and The Rita by Robert Coughlan

Life – May 16, 1949, The Aga, The Aly and The Rita by Robert Coughlan

Above, Robert Coughlan writes in the interview with Aga Khan that:

“The Aga Khan looks back now with the satisfaction of a life devoted to high calling, by Ismāʿīlī standards. He remembers the brilliant evening at Mrs. Ronald Greville’s in London in the early years of the century. He remembers that wonderful balls at the Duchess of Devonshire’s in London during Edward VII’s time, and the one that Mrs. Ogden Mills gave for him in New York in 1906. He remembers that great conversationalists he has known, such as Lady Cunard; the oceans of champagne he has drunk (he drinks only champagne); the brave meals he has eaten on four continents, and with special favor he remembers the hundreds of beautiful women he has known. Of them all, he believes the most beautiful ‘without exception’ was Mary, Viscountess Curzon.”

Source: Life – May 16, 1949, The Aga, The Aly and The Rita by Robert Coughlan

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  1. *Akbar bhai, As-Salaamu Alaikum.*

    *Thanks for your latest e-mail- there are many insights I did not know before and pictures too.* *Keep up. Allah Bless you. A day will come when all Ismailis are going to wake up and turn to True Deen-Islam-Insh’Allah.*



    Posted by Roshanali Lakhani | August 27, 2015, 3:46 pm


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