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5. Rulings on Ismailism

Ruling on Aga Khan Foundation by Scholars (آغا خان فاونڈیشن اور علماؑ کرام کا فتوی)

The following important document compiled by Shaykh Faiz Ullah Chitrali contains ruling by noteworthy scholars not only on the Aga Khan Foundation, but also on Ismailism. Featured are the rulings from:

  • Mufti-e-Azam Pakistan Mowlana Mufti Wali Hasan Tonki
  • Mowlana Muhammad Yusuf Ludhiyanvi
  • Darul Uloom Karachi-14
  • Darul Ifta Nazimabad

Download all of the above as a single PDF booklet by clicking here.

Content made available courtesy of The Reality of Ismailis on Facebook.

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