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Facing the Wrath of the Ismailis

Akberally Meherally leans forward in his chair, takes a sip of tea, and then relaxes as he tries to craft a perfect sentence in his head. The 61-year-old Burnaby writer is choosing his words carefully – last mmonth he received a death threat after writing a book which questions the authority of Karim Aga Khan … Continue reading

Murder Threat Facing Aga Khan Critic

Akberally Meherally is causing a furore among Ismailis. The 61-year-old Burnaby writer says he has received death threats since he published a book critical of Ismailis’ spiritual leader, the Aga Khan. Meherally – who paid to have 5,000 copies of the book “Understanding Ismailism” (click to download) published – takes issue with Ismailis “worshipping the Aga … Continue reading

Interview: Ismailism to Islam

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