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Ismaili Boy Murders Muslim Girl, Commits Suicide

The incident took place at Gulshan-e-Fatima in Garden East, Karachi when 16-year-old Ismaili boy Nauroz used a pistol and shot his paramour Saba Bashir, before shooting himself on Tuesday morning (September 1, 2015). The 16-year-old boy belonged to the Ismaili Community while the girl, 15, was from the Hazara. A glaring difference in both of the above profiles shows that … Continue reading

Dubai Business Fraud by Senior Ismaili Leadership

This is a mail from an Ismaili who moved to Dubai with a view of progressing his family life for a better & brighter future, which has now ended up in a tale of distress and huge financial loss. I made an investment with prominent Ismaili from France who had previously been a Jamati leader … Continue reading

Al Karimi Multipurpose Cooperative Society | Ismaili Community Frauds

A friend of mine was going through a severe financial crisis – the details of which he never revealed. One day however, he broke down and shared his sad story with me. My friend belongs to Ismaili community and he invested all his life savings into a community property project Al Karimi which lately discovered a biggest fraud … Continue reading

Rashida Samji, ‘Ismaili magic lady’, fined $33M for Ponzi scheme | Ismaili Community Frauds

Rashida Samji, a former Vancouver notary from the Ismaili Aga Khani community, accused of committing a $110-million fraud involving at least 200 investors, has been fined and permanently banned from B.C.’s capital markets. Samji was fined $33 million by a B.C. Securities Commission panel for running a massive Ponzi scheme, said Joyce Johner, senior litigation counsel … Continue reading

Plight of the Ismaili Community – Part 3: Ismaili Demographics

Whether it is family, society or a nation, only 10% of the masses are critical as they are the only movers and shakers and make things happen for the rest. They have a skill to think outside the box, view things from a wider perspective, and can read between the lines instead of taking things … Continue reading

Plight of the Ismaili Community – Part 2: Jamat’s Mistreatment at Dīdar Events

Since most of Hazar Imam’s time is taken up by useless egoistic projects, for 30 years he has not been allowed time for ordinary murids to perform religious rites for which an ordinary murid craves and which is the prime function of Imam. If Mr. Sachedina, the navigator and planner, had interest of Jamat at … Continue reading

Plight of the Ismaili Community – Part 1: Hijacked

Children who disagree with parents and Imam may love more, as their Imaan could be solid like a ‘Rock of Gibraltar’ and not shallow like that of fanatics. Hazar Imam in most farmans emphasizes that Muslim religion respects intelligence which tantamount to not taking a thing at its face value but to reason it out. … Continue reading

Ismaili Karim Kamdar kills Wife, shoots his children and commits suicide | Ismaili Terrorism

Whereas Ismailis are famous for claiming credit for the “Ismaili community” wherever possible, they are also quick to shurg off the “Ismaili” tag when they are caught doing honor killings, frauds and ponzi schemes. One such example is that of Karim Kamdar – a Ismaili who murdered his own family in Texas. He used to … Continue reading

Interview: Ismailism to Islam

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