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6. Revert Stories from Ismailism to Islam

An Open Letter from a former Ismaili Missionary Who came to Islam

I am a revert to Islām. I was a Ismāʿīli before – a follower of the Aga Khan. I perceive an important da’wāh responsibility which the majority of Muslims, for some reason or other, are ignoring. I am not getting you into petty sectarian issues, but a very important matter – please judge for yourself:

1. The Ismāʿīlis (followers of the Aga Khan) all professedly believe that the
Qurʾān was time-bound and was not meant to be a Universal message for all times. They believe that their spiritual leader, Karim Aga Khan, is the “walking and talking Qurʾān” and his religious pronouncements (farmāns) are the guidance for the present times. The fundamental article of faith that there will not be any NEW revelations or “wahy” after the Qurʾān, is being completely violated by the Ismāʿīlis.

2. The Aga Khan has officially Declared himself, before his followers, as the “Mazhar of Allāh on earth”. The word “mazhar” means “copy” or “manifest”. Consequently, these Ismāʿīlis who call themselves Muslims do “sujood” before him. So even the primary axiomatic principle of Tawheed is being fundamentally and formally violated by them.

3. The Ismāʿīlis are not instructed to offer the Islamic Salaah, observe Saum or perform Hajj. They have replaced Salaah with certain shirk-infested Dua’as (thrice a day). They are told that their Hajj is a personal “Glimpse” (Deedaar) of Karim Aga Khan.

4. The Aga Khan and his appointees ‘forgive the sins’ of the followers on regular basis. Ismāʿīlis are misled into believing that they will not be questioned on the Day of Judgment for the sins that are already forgiven in their Jamatkhanas (community centers). Forgiving of sins is the exclusive prerogative and privilege of Allāh alone. Qur’an 3:135.

5. Against this backdrop, most of the poor (spiritually poor) Ismāʿīlis who are not introduced to Qurān are confused and misguided. Hence, Ismāʿīlis are very easy prey to missionary efforts by various Christian groups and Baha’is. I have known a couple of young ex-Ismāʿīlis who are today preaching “Pauline Christianity” to Ismāʿīlis as evangelical missionaries.

6. Karim Aga Khan’s own daughter Zahra marrying a practicing Christian (Mark Boyden) has opened the gates for young Ismāʿīli girls to follow the footsteps of a family member of their beloved Imām-e-Zaman. The parents of the Ismāʿīli girls who wish to marry outside of Islām have no recourse but to let them go.

7. The Aga Khan has made halāl for the Ismāʿīlis that which Allāh has made harām for the humans. Interest (usury) is not forbidden by the religious instruction classes run by the “Tariqah” board of the Ismāʿīlis. As a matter of fact, the much publicized “Venture Capital” program (details on the website of FORBES Magazine – search under “Aga Khan”), of loaning funds on interest by the AKFED (Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development), has been a great success. Similar entrepreneurial projects are now being actively promoted and introduced to poor Muslims of Tajikistan and neighboring areas.

8. The Muslim ummah and the various Muslim leaders are not fully aware of these un-Islamic acts and beliefs of this community of less than two million members, who claim to be the Ismāʿīli Muslims. Surprisingly, their leader Aga Khan claims himself to be a spiritual leader of 15 million Muslims and a direct descendant of Prophet Muhammad (Sallallāhu ‘Alayhi wa Sallam).

9. Earlier, one did not have authentic books on Ismāʿīlism, but it is not so anymore. There are two authentic books as well as this comprehensive website (www.insideismailism.net) exposing the inner practices of the
Ismāʿīlis and the proclamations (farmans) of the Aga Khans. Hence, now you have no “hujjah” argument or excuse left before Allāh for not taking up the task of inviting the misguided “Ismāʿīli Muslims” towards the Deen of Allāh (swt) and not safeguarding them from committing unpardonable sin of Shirk.

10. The Aga Khan in collaboration with so many Western powers and aid funds, has set up the world-wide Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) which runs several institutions and service companies both in the profit and not-for-profit sectors. This network is very actively operating in Pakistan, India, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya and Bangladesh, and has now started concentrating its efforts in Tajikistan and the neighboring areas where there is a concentration of Muslims who have not known or openly practiced Islām for the decades. By taking up economical, social, educational and rural development efforts through NGOs (Non-Govt. Organizations) within the AKDN, the Ismāʿīlis and the Aga Khan have gained wide acceptance amongst these countries and masses. Hence this urgent appeal.

11. Now all these beneficiaries are “obliged and grateful” to the Aga Khan and his followers and his organizations for the much-needed schools, medical centers, hospitals, various projects and programmes. In this manner they are penetrating and infiltrating the support system – and one fine day, the Muslim ummah will wake up to the unexpected realization that they have a community of so called Muslims, practicing the Un-Islamic Tariqaah, in charge of all core and support activities. Each of these much-needed projects will have the photos of Aga Khan decorating the walls.

In the name of Allāh (swt) and Islām, kindly urge our Brothers and Sisters to do Da’wah to the Ismāʿīlis, who otherwise will, on the day of judgement, hold us responsible for not conveying the Revealed Truth to them. Dear Brother/Sister, you know much more on the subject than what little I have learnt since reverting to the Deen of Allāh (swt). It hurts to see the misguided simple minded people die on SHIRK because we did not amply warn them before their deaths.

I am aware of your stature as a religious leader of repute, respectability and acceptance among Muslim Masses, and hence have sought to put this appeal to you. I request you to seriously consider this request and initiate all steps that you consider Wajib and appropriate. To spread the “Truth” and eradicate “Tagoot” is a significant, major Sunnah of the prophet (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam).

May I also request you to please forward this post to at least five (if not all) of your Muslim friends and activists so that greater awareness of this issue is created, and this request reaches a wider audience. Please do so. Jazak Allāh Khair.

In case you wish to seek any further clarification please feel free to e-mail me. I will in sha’ Allāh respond. I apologize in advance, if this happens to be a repeat message.

May Allāh shower His choicest blessings on the entire Muslim Ummah. May Almighty Allāh bless you and keep you in the service of Islām and Muslims. Aameen.

Yours in the service of Islām,

Akbarally Meherally


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3 thoughts on “An Open Letter from a former Ismaili Missionary Who came to Islam



    Posted by Sher Ali | February 10, 2019, 6:08 pm
  2. Hi I really appreciate if you write a book of experience ismaili so other might get help to get out if they are doing wrong as you wrote book before. Thanks


    Posted by sultan4all | July 5, 2019, 8:36 am
  3. ALLAH TA’ALA says:

    ” It is the same for them, whether you warn them, or do not warn them—they will not believe.
    You warn only him who follows the Message, and fears the MOST GRACIOUS inwardly. So give him good news of forgiveness, and a generous reward.”
    Holy Quran, Surah Yasin, Ayat 10 and 11.

    These Noble Words of ALLAH TA’ALA, THE ONE in front of WHOM everything and everybody are absolutely nothing, suffice us as a great advice for muslims not to preach Islam to those who already crossed the point of no return.
    And what is the point of no return?
    The point of no return takes place when a non muslim is shown all proofs about the Truth of Islam, and yet he/she still rejects Islam.

    I have many Agha Khani people in my own family. But trying to give Dawa to them is an impossible task.
    You can present them with 100 thousand proofs, still they will not accept Islam.
    Agha Khani Ismailis resemble the jews.
    The Holy Quran tells us that countless Prophets were sent to them after Prophet Moses, and still they rejected the True Faith.

    ALLAH TABÁRAK WA TA’ALA say that these people are blind, deaf and dumb.

    ALLAH TA’ALA, THE ABSOLUTE REALITY, ordered that the Holy Quran will never be changed. The last Prophet, our master Muhammad (saw) has passed away but the Book he brought will stay in the World until Yawmil Qiyyamah.

    Being a Message of THE LORD of all the worlds, THE TRANSCENDENT, to all Mankind and Jinn, the Holy Quran has to be primarily studied in one’s own language.
    Muslims are so backwards today because they no longer read the Holy Quran in their own mother tongues.

    Some Ulema wrongly say that the Holy Quran is very hard to understand, but ALLAH TA’ALA, THE ABSOLUTE,
    “WE made the Quran easy to learn. Is there anyone who would learn?”
    (Holy Quran, Surah 54, Verses 17,22, 32 and 40.

    So one will understand the Book of ALMIGHTY GOD, THE BEYOND-BEING, if one’s heart is pure.
    So a poor person who neither knows how to read or write, can have a great knowledge of the Holy Quran when he/she hears It in his own Language.
    And a PHD person can read the Quran in his language everyday and understand very little about the Book of the ALMIGHTY (SWT).

    How is this so?
    It is so because one’s spiritual development depends exclusively on the intensity of one’s belief in
    “La ilaha illal LLAAH”, in English, “There is no deity except GOD”

    Having said this, the Holy Quran is for everybody:
    rich, poor, iliterate, University degree, inteligent, non inteligent, black, white, indian…..
    Being a Universal Message of THE ABSOLUTE, THE ONE GOD, to all Mankind and Jinn, It is very easy to he understood.

    And the Holy Quran suffices us both as Law and Source of Law.
    So everything that matches will the Holy Quran (aledged hadeeth, islamic philosophy, Ilmul Kalam, ilmul Fiqh, and others) we accept it.
    And whatever does not match with the Holy Quran is immediatly rejected by us.

    So, I advise all Muslims, as well as all non muslims who are in search of the Truth, to read a Good Translation of the Holy Quran, and abide by It’s teachings.

    Wa Akhirud Dawana Anil Hamdu lil LLAAHI RABB il Alameen.


    Posted by Allama Riaz Carmali | October 7, 2020, 1:43 am

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