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2. Ismaili Beliefs, Prayers and Practices

Aga Khan: Secret Agent by Harry J. Greenwall

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In the book “His Highness The Aga Khan: Imam of the Ismailis“, the foreword of which is written by Aga Khan III himself, Harry J. Greenwall talks about Aga Khan’s services to the British and how one of his missions led to the abolition of the Ottoman Caliphate. A must read for any Ismaili. The complete book can be downloaded from the English Downloads section of www.insideismailism.net.

The encounter between Rawlinson and the Aga Khan in 1841 marked the beginning of the Aga Khan’s relationship with the British Crown. After meeting Rawlinson in 1841, the Aga Khan wrote to Macnaghten to explain the military and political possibilities he could foresee from an alliance with the British – specifically, the complete conquest of Persia:

I will undertake the conquest of Iraq, Fars, Kerman, and Khorasan. I will seize the countries for you without the least trouble. If it be your intention to take Persia, I pledge myself to gain it without loss for you, either from the direction of Khorasan or the sea port of Kerman and Fars. No fighting will be necessary. The population will join and the disaffected persons will not delay to surrender themselves. In case you should object, you are are peace with Persia and I beg to inform you that it is known in that Country that I have friends in Turkestan, Budukshan, Cabool, and Hindus too. Allow me to assemble a body of men and having been joined by these in Persia, take that kingdom – W will proceed to conquer it by the seaports, Kerman, Fars, Bum, and Listan. If you think this plan of mine is advisable you must lend assistance in some way or another, that I may prepare myself to take the Country and after this is done all Persia will be attached to the British Government.

Bose, 23


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